Tuka village southern Ethiopia has not had rain for 16 month, people wait for water to be brought in by truck.

Our vision

To provide services for those in need in area of education, drought relief natural disaster …etc., by all means that we have, in n

Assadhid Souwelam poses for a photo with his wife and children in Gao. Assahid's parents were Arab and Tuareg and his wife, whom he has been married to for 30 years, is a Songhai. Mixed families are very numerous in Gao region and symbolize the peaceful coexistence between different ethnic groups and the possibility of reconciliation and social cohesion for Mali.

Our mission

Changing the life of the disadvantaged communities in the nomadic and semi-nomadic area of Ethiopia


Our service

Teachers have a powerful impact on student achievement, yet high attrition rates hinder the ability of schools to provide


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As I conducted research for this post, a few key points stood out to me about events. First, no two of these patterns